In-N-Out VS Whataburger


Burger vs. Burger

Evony McCutchen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

After 69 years of business, Whataburger has become a beloved generational family favorite and will continue to grow as time goes on. Though Whataburger is solely in Texas and its surrounding states, this restaurant remains famous throughout northern states. Many northerners call Whataburger the “In-N-Out of Texas.” Although in 2017, In-N-Out made its first appearance in Houston causing an uproar within the food industry. Within the commotion of fast food restaurants adding another competitor, a question arose: which is better? Is it Whataburger, the place we’ve all grown up with, or In-N-Out, a place that is new and different from our norm. 

  There are different pros and cons to deciding which fast food restaurant is better. A major factor within this decision is that In-N-Out has a limited menu compared to Whataburger. Whataburger has over 40 options, while In-N-Out has a mere 20 different options. A minimal variety of  items makes it seem that In-N-Out is not as diverse as our beloved Whataburger. Whataburger continues to insert special, seasonal items, simply adding new items creating alternative combinations.

Also due to the newness of the restaurant, In-N-Out is gaining a lot of attention and a lot of hype. So much so that there are cars wrapped around the restaurants, going down the street, with lines waiting about 15 minutes to just order food.

The same reaction occurred a couple of years ago when a Raising Canes opened on Highway 6. Many lined up to try the new chicken tenders, yet after months of being open the restaurant slowly began to lose its crowded hype and people progressively lost interest in Raising Canes; coercing the fast food joint to become a regular restaurant.

Yes, In-N-Out may be a new place and most believe that the restaurant won’t have much influence in the food industry, but they do have better aspects of some of their menu items. For example their milkshakes: made from real ice cream, none of that artificial syrup that Whataburger uses. The “realness” or better said “freshness” is impeccable and supersedes Whataburger.

This new restaurant will never be Whataburger and Whataburger will never be In-N-Out. Whataburger is going to continue to impact the lives of Texans and the generations to come. What makes Whataburger incomparable, is the nostalgia you get the second you walk into the building. Our love for whataburger won’t deter and will remain faithful.