Fine Line Album Review


Taylor Gavelek, Reporter

Back in 2017, Harry Styles released his self-titled debut solo album in an attempt to rebrand his image from teen heartthrob to 1970s rock star. While many fans still see him as the dorky and loveable One Direction outbreak singer, there is no doubt he has made his way into the charts as a modern rocker. With his newest release, Fine Line, we see the lessons learned and share the love Styles has felt throughout the last few years in a number of different genres. Since the album was released it has spent every second within the top 5 on the Billboard top 200 albums, with 7 out of the 12 songs ending up on the Billboard top 100 songs. 

With a new album comes new challenges and undiscovered talents. The album opener, “Golden” was the first song listened to by many, which means it was the make or break factor for the not so hardcore fans. As Styles describes it, “Golden” is a blast from seventies soft rock and meant for a drive down the pacific coastline. “Golden” is lively which allows for fans to slide into the rest of the album with ease which makes it the perfect opener.  “Lights Up” was one of the three singles released before the album and one of the first to hit the charts. This song has a soulful edge while also being a throwback to Styles pop days with lyrics regarding Styles self-love and self-acceptance. 

 Harry is still singing the blues in “Cherry”, and gives us a taste of some old school rock with his “Treat People With Kindness” and my personal favorite, “Canyon Moon.” As for the rest of the album, some of the most captivating moments were heard when Styles was experimenting with different sounds and vocal ranges. “Sunflower, Vol. 6″ sounds as though it was bathed under the California sun and set adrift off the coastline. With the same sunny affect, “To Be So Lonely” starts with a more lively beat which counters the more melancholy lyrics of the song. 

The six minute jam session “She” and the albums second track “Watermelon Sugar” show off Harry’s immaculate voice with his raspy undertones which are heard through the funky beats and killer guitar riffs of the songs. 

“Falling” is the albums heartbreaker and will not only have you in tears, but will make you feel as though you’ve been through heartache yourself. “Fine Line” is the last song on the album and shares a name with the album itself. Between Styles’ voice and the different sounds of the song, “Fine Line” is a brilliant mix of everything heard and a nice ending to his second album.  

His number one song, “Adore You,” proves he can handle any uncharted territory. With a modern, electric baseline and his catchiest line yet – “I’d walk through fire for you, just let me adore you” – there’s no question as to why it has settled in the top spot. 

Overall, the album showcases the storytelling abilities of Styles and the lengths his voice can go all while allowing his fans into the life of the 25-year-old singer. 

As for the rocker himself, Harry Styles has not only created a new brand for his sound, but his style too. Bringing hot pink suits, high waisted pants and lots of color to his wardrobe he gives off a 70’s psychedelic vibe whenever he appears. With his somewhat questionable, but brilliant, fashion choices he has paved a way for many to express their personal style all while becoming an unstoppable fashion force. 

Starting with One Direction and ending with two solo albums that made it on the charts, songs that have left many speechless, and a worldwide solo tour, Harry Styles has made a considerable mark on the last decade.