Students Advance to All-State Band

Taylor Gavelek, Reporter

Four members of the Lobo band have earned a spot on the 2020 TMEA All-State Band. This month, Seniors Brooke Olivarez, Andy Paul, Ben Hudson and Junior Anthony Karam will travel to San Antonio to attend a three day clinic/convention where they will rehearse with recognized conductors and perform in front of thousands of attendees at the close of the event. 

“It’s extremely crazy, receiving this honor,” senior Drumline Major Brooke Olivarez said. “We’ve all worked really hard to make it this far and earn those spots is incredible.” 

Making the Texas All-State Band is the highest scholastic achievement a high school band member in the state of Texas can accomplish. 

“Fewer than one percent of students in the state of Texas actually make All State,” Band director Gloria Ramirez said. “For high school students it is the highest thing they can achieve” 

The students began the process of competing locally in the fall semester and advanced through a series of rigorous competition rounds to eventually earn this performance distinction. 

“They receive the music on August 1st, then they begin to prepare for the first audition in November,” Ramirez said. “That audition is for region band, then they progress to area auditions, then to state.”

A lot of time and effort goes into preparing the musical pieces for the auditions leading up to making the team, all members of the band practice and prepare for months until the day of auditions is upon them. 

“Everybody puts so much effort into everything that we do,” Olivarez said. “It really feels great to see that effort turn into something great.”

Making this team is not only good for gaining recognition within the school, but it also allows for these students names to reach college directors, experience training with well known conductors and play among the best high school musicians Texas has to offer. 

“They will be rehearsing and auditioning the first day to be placed in a certain band and then the very next day they start rehearsals,” Ramirez said. “The rehearsals are pretty intense, that’s all they do to prepare for the Saturday performances.” 

Having to balance between excelling in school and spending a majority of their time rehearsing and perfecting their pieces, the students had to learn how to manage time quickly. 

“What I’ve done is primarily use time management” Junior and Trumpet section leader, Anthony Karam said “Scheduling off certain parts of my day to do certain things, like a section of homework, a section of practice, and a section of extracurriculars and that’s how I’ve managed to get what I need to get done, done” 

These students will leave Wednesday, February 12th to audition, begin rehearsals and perfect the pieces for their performance the following Saturday. This accomplishment made by our fellow students expose them to new opportunities and experiences few get to receive in their high school careers.