Taco Trucking


Taqueria Los De Jalisco located on 17140 Farm to Market Rd 529

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

Food trucks seem to populate all over Houston, with the majority of them being taco trucks. But the majority of students don’t own their own, like junior Jesus Martinez. 

“At times, it becomes overwhelming, but all you can do is walk with it and get through it,” Martinez said. 

Since 2017, Taqueria Los De Jalisco has been serving the Cypress community. 

“As of right now, we have four locations,” Martinez said. “But we do wish to open a restaurant in the near future.” 

During the current Covid-19 situation, the business seemed to boom.

“For us, the pandemic didn’t hurt business,” Martinez said. “Since everything was closed down, people would rely on take out, so a lot of people came to us.”

While Jesus works at his family business now, he doesn’t plan on staying there forever.

“Me personally, I never found interest in it,” Martinez said. “I’ve always wanted to end up in the medical field.”

With traditional Mexican dishes ranging from tacos to tortas, there’s plenty on the menu to satisfy the whole family. 

“[I recommend] the classic fajita taco,” Martinez said. “But we’ve added a new thing called quesabirras and they’ve been doing the best.”