Varsity Boys Tennis


Nicholas Hernandez

Junior Luke Playing tennis

 Tennis is towards the end of their 2021 Fall season, and are aiming to finish the year off strong. The Varsity Boys tennis record is 1-4 with two games left. 

  “We have 2 games left in our season. We are trying to end the season on a good note, and make improvements for the 2022 Spring season,” Coach Stanley McMillian said.

  Tennis will aim to make changes in the off-season to get prepared for their Spring season, they will go far with a few adjustments.

  “I like the direction our team is heading,” McMillian said. “We are on the right path, it’s the little things that will make our team that much better. We are looking forward to fixing those mistakes.”

  The Lobo Tennis team will be coming for a better record, and will be looking to show out during their Spring season.