A Legacy of Success

Isabella Carrillo, Reporter

Falling in love with the game from a young age, Jaquaize Pettaway was fortunate to find a passion that will soon turn his dream into a reality. 

“My brothers and I would play outside all the time, and out of all the games I fell in love with football,” Pettaway said. 

Throughout the years, Pettaway has faced many challenges that have allowed him to work even harder, not for the people, but for himself. 

“At the end of the day I’m just gonna be myself and do me,” Pettaway said. “Sure it’s a weird feeling to have the top people looking at you, but after a while I just got used to it.” 

Pettaway’s long journey wouldn’t have been accomplished without the support he got from the people around him.

“My mom and both my brothers, past and present teammates, they all have helped me get to where I am today, giving me knowledge on and off the field to help me succeed,” Pettaway said. 

As Jaquaize is nearing his end at Langham Creek, he intends to leave a legacy for newcomers coming in.

“The legacy I wanted to leave after I graduate is that no matter if people are doubting your abilities, never let them take that spot away from you,” Pettaway said.“ Don’t be scared you got it.”