Captain of the Color Guard

Alexander Lopez, Reporter

Going into this year one of the most exciting things is the Colorguard led by Junior captain Bella Torres.

“When I heard about the position of being captain I thought it would be fun to lead the group and wanted to have more responsibility,” junior Bella Torres said.

Being a first time captain is really tough, and Bella is learning that and how to adjust to it.

“It’s difficult, transitioning into leadership with little training and learning as we go, learning based on what we’ve seen from the past years, ” Torres said.

But despite the hard work, she is up for the challenge of being the leader of the color guard.

“ I’m ready, as the captain I do a lot of time management and provide a good and safe environment for me and my team to succeed,” Torres said.

She’s also ready for this new season with new people and better relationships.

“This team this year has a lot of better connections and a lot of better friendships than last year’s team,” Torres said.

The color guard will be having their first competition this Saturday at the Cypress Showcase and Bella will be leading her first competition as the color guard captain.