The Robot Report


Mr Rashad Mayes

Jake Sanz and Isai Arteaga make some adjustments to their robot with alumni mentor Jace Criswell, inspecting their work. The Halloween Madness contest took place on October 29th. Both Langham teams had top 20 rankings, with our Langham Creek Rampage team making it to the playoffs. Our other team is Langham Creek (L.C.) PowerPack.

Cindy Ramos Parada, Reporter

Halloween Madness started early for the LC Rampage Robotics team who placed 9th overall robot of the night. The tournament was this past Saturday night and over 40 teams from around the district competed.

“The students had 3 to 4 weeks to plan for different robot ideas,” robotics teacher Mr. Mayes said. “They were using the same techniques engineers have used to research, plan, and create prototypes.”

This is the first year that Robotics has been recognized as UIL and had students worried about their robot’s performance.

“We haven’t actually competed before and so we felt unprepared,” junior Isai Artegea said. “ When we got there we felt more secure in our robot and our abilities.” 

After being able to absorb the excitement, the students focused on the task on hand, which was to win.

“We got into a focused headspace and the entire team worked with each other to get as far as we did,” Artegea said. “It did a great job for the rushed maintenance and improvements that had been made the day of.” 

LC Rampage still has more to show during the playoffs and more competitions to come this year. 

“How we did now for the Halloween Madness event was just a stepping stone for the events that are yet to come,” Mr Mayes said.