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A Theatrical Journey from High School to Beyond

Spotlight on Kendahl Lemons

One name that resonates through the theater and choir departments is Kendahl Lemons. As this talented senior prepares to bid farewell to the familiar grounds of high school, she takes a moment to reflect on the transformative experiences that shaped her journey.

Choosing theater over choir at the start of high school, Lemons followed her passion for the stage. 

“I have a little bit of a bigger passion for theater just because it’s something that I’m not completely used to, and I wanna learn more about it,” Lemons said. 

Lemons seamlessly integrated into a close-knit community, forming meaningful connections with her peers. 

“I’ve been doing theater and sign language all four years, but I started choir my sophomore year and I’ve met many great people from those classes,” Lemons said. “Even though they’re underclassmen, I still met nice people.” 

One of her standout moments was stepping into the shoes of Donna, a character in a theater production. 

“I didn’t think I’d be recognized like in other places that were not Langham Creek High School, but I was, and I thought that was cool,” Lemons said. 

Reflecting on her formative years, Lemons emphasizes the profound influence that her elementary school peers have had on her. 

“A lot of the people that I went to elementary school with, they have created a big impact on me,” Lemons said. “Everyone that was involved in my life at a young age, they stuck with me and have made me become the person that I am just because of like, the small little things.” 

With her achievements on the national stage, Lemons is not only preparing for an exciting summer trip to Indiana, but she is also celebrating a significant academic milestone—a scholarship from the University of Oklahoma.

“I qualified for nationals with the song that I sang, ‘I’m Here’ from The Color Purple, and it went well, So I’m going to Indiana this summer and also getting an academic scholarship from OU. That’s big, so I’m very proud of that.”

As she looks toward the future, Lemons offers advice to her past self. 

“Just live day-by-day, because people are gonna come in and outta your life and you can’t control that,” Lemons said. “Just control what you can control, what you have the power to control.”

As she eagerly anticipates the next phase of her journey, Lemons reflects on college life coming in close.

“I’m most excited to go to college and experience new things, find new things, new people,” Lemons said. “It’s scary and I’m very stressed out, but I’m very excited, I’m either going to OU or Sam Houston.”

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