It’s The Finals Countdown

Lauren Washington , News Editor

With the end of school rapidly approaching, the dreaded time to do finals comes. Many students have differing opinions on the subject of taking finals- while most students dread sitting down and taking a two-hour test, some are actually excited to take their tests.

“It seems crazy, but I actually enjoy taking finals,” sophomore Angela Nguyen said. “It reminds me that summer is just around the corner. If I can make it through finals, I can make it to summer.”

While many students begrudge taking finals, some teachers dread them just as much.

“A lot of students tend to think that we like giving finals, but we don’t,” Chemistry teacher Michael Shott said. “Sitting and grading a bunch of 100-question tests is really as bad as taking it yourself.”

Finals for seniors start on Wednesday, May 25th. Finals for underclassman start on Thursday, May 26th. As students begin to take their finals, schedules showing the order of each final will be posted around the school halls.