A World-Class Menagerie

Junior Danielle Bishop poses with a cardboard cutout of a gorilla.

Lauren Washington, Reporter

The smell of buttered popcorn and animal droppings filled the air as the Environmental Science AP (APES) students strolled into the Houston Zoo, hoping to learn more about the animals residing there and relive their childhood experiences. Although the class itself is very rigorous and demanding of the students enrolled in it, APES students were treated to a visit to the zoo at the end of the year.

Many students prepared for the trip carefully, thinking about what to bring in advance.

“I prepared by bringing lots of snacks and water,” junior Danielle Bishop said. “Everything at the zoo is pretty expensive, so I thought it’d be best to bring my own food and water.”

While at the zoo, the APES students were given the chance to hang out with friends and see their favorite animals in action.

“I was the most excited to see the tigers and sea turtles,” junior Shelbie Crenshaw said. “It was really fun, just being with my friends and enjoying everything the zoo had to offer.”

Although the trip was partially for fun, it also had an educational purpose.

“We go on the zoo trip to learn about each animal’s characteristics, biological needs, and the sort of habitat they’re supposed to live in,” Bishop said. “We also get to learn how the zoo protects certain threatened and endangered species due to hunting or people keeping exotic animals as pets.”

With such interesting class material, it isn’t hard to see that APES is a class that Mr. Lindsay’s students encourage others to take before graduation.

“I’d definitely recommend this class to others because it’s fun and the teacher is cool,” Crenshaw said. “You get to learn a lot of interesting things, mainly about how humans have negatively impacted the planet and how they’re trying to fix these environmental issues. The class really makes you think about just how precious our world is.”