Seniors Cheerleaders Give Tryout Advice

Katie Delaney, Reporter


70 to 80 girls fill the cold hallway with advice, chatter, and laughter. Loud music and dancing is used to calm the nerves of anxious tryout-ees. Underlying the giggles however is fear. Fear of not making the Cheer Team. A month has passed since the deadline to register to tryout and everyone is practicing their assigned cheer and dance.

The seniors of the team are walking around the hallway giving the best advice they can to help the possible 2018-19 Cheerleaders. Doing so, some can’t help but reminisce on their tryout days. Senior and 2016-2018 cheer captain Caroline Hoehner remembers back at her first time trying out, something that seemed like it was just yesterday.

“It was so exciting when I first made it!” Caroline said. “At first I wasn’t quite sure if cheer was the right thing for me but once I spent more time with the team and I realized how involved the cheerleaders were I decided that it was something I wanted to be apart of.”

The feelings about making the team are mutual throughout the seniors.

“I’d say that its been a good experience,” senior Zoe Shepard said. “I don’t know, I think I’m going to miss it.”

The tryout process begins in March and as more people sign up, the more nervousness develops. These nerves are normal however, and can be calmed with the help of the ‘ole professionals.

“Don’t stress,” Zoe Shepard said. “Think through each part of the tryout and only worry about one thing at a time, breathe and relax.”

The actual tryout comes after a mock-tryout. The mock-tryout was implemented in order to help the kids get a better idea about how the tryout works.

“Tryouts are stressful, but at the same time laid back,” Zoe said. “There is just a really tight schedule.”

Making the team is the goal of the entire process. Though it seems easy, it can’t be completed without dedication, drive and practice. Most of the seniors have 3 years worth of advice to give and as the girls gather in the hallway, they walk around and help as much as they can.

“I’m confident anyone can tryout!” Caroline Hoehner said. “Just practice your jumps and be loud when you spirit, smile, make eye contact, and be confident in your abilities.”