A look at Student Council

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

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Every school has a student body, and every student body has a Student Council to support them, but not everyone knows how the Student Council affects the school.

Ms. Weaver, the club sponsor, had some interesting insight on the club

“Student Council works together to better the student body, and lately, we’ve been doing more volunteer activities in the community more than we have in the school,” Weaver said.

Aside from their normal club meetings, in December the club is heading to some nursing homes to go Christmas caroling, and in February they’re going to elementary schools to make Valentine’s Day cards for the students.

“We discuss upcoming events, we also do No Place for Hate events,” Weaver said. “We make posters for events coming up at school, and if it’s a holiday, we have fun with something like our Halloween social, so it’s just like a fun meeting.”

While the club covers a lot of important events, they also have a lot of say in everything that goes on around school.

“It’s one of the only clubs that’s student lead, so I kinda take a step back and let the officers run it, which is different than a lot of other clubs that are run by the teacher or sponsor, I kinda let them take charge so they feel like they’re gaining leadership skills while doing it”,Weaver said.

Erin Kelley, a Student Council officer, feels like she gains leadership skills by being in the club to help her in the future, though she admits it’s not always easy for her.

“It can be hard because you want everyone to be happy, so you want to listen to what all the seniors want, and if you don’t and people don’t like it, then it can become a big responsibility,” Kelley said.

It can be hard at times for the members; nonetheless, they still have plenty of fun.

“The socials were honestly really fun, you got to talk to people, and they were just a good way to interact”, past Student Council affiliate Anisha Barad said.

The Student Council constantly works hard to help better the school and community. Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 2:55-3:40 pm in room 2608.