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Starting a Club

Lucy Kinkel, Reporter

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“What are you going to smash? I need to see this.”

This is just one question Ms. Alexander, the  associate principal’s secretary, has to ask when helping to get new clubs approved.  The students wanted to start the ‘smash bros’ club, for the Nintendo video game series, which got approved, but later disbanded.

To start a club, the student needs to find an adult teacher or administrator and at least 10 students who are willing to join the club. Ms. Nolen the Associate Principal has the responsibility to approve clubs or deny them.

Though there are several new clubs this year, the overall number of new clubs is decreasing, but the school hopes to get back to a steady number this year.

Even though there are many clubs, not all get approved.

“The only thing that has ever gotten denied, since I’ve been here, were clubs that were very similar in nature to clubs that were already on the book,” Alexander said.

If two clubs are very similar, they will talk with the two sponsors and try to intertwine the two clubs.

Ms. Alexander herself says she would join at least half of the already existing clubs because all of them sound like fun.

“I think joining a club or organization is a great way to keep your mind growing and help other people and it is the best thing you can do while you are in school,” Alexander said.

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Starting a Club