How To Handle Failing Classes

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How To Handle Failing Classes

Maivel Merid, Reporter

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It’s April 24th, which means that we technically have a month left till this school year ends. Everyone is extremely tired of school and all the stress and they just can’t wait till it’s summertime. Most of us are at the moment where were on this off-power mode, we don’t feel like studying, like paying attention in class, or even not doing good on tests and quizzes.

“Man I just want to get out, I don’t even feel like trying anymore. I have been literally counting how many days left we got till the summer,” sophomore Tran Huynh said.

A lot of people are failing classes because of how they don’t want to try anymore and failing classes in high school can be really frustrating, especially when you really care about your GPA and class rank.

But what are some workable ways to get that grade back up to at least a passing grade? We have great opportunities to help, such as retaking tests and quizzes, extra credits, or even going to tutoring in the morning or after school.

“Just keep your effort the same as much as you can, avoid high and lows, like don’t study 48 hours a week and zero the next,” teacher Gregory McCasland said. “Balance it out, and make sure you don’t fall far behind.”

But let’s say it’s going to be too late to get these grades back up, what are the options now? There’s always the option of retaking the class during the summer or even during the next school year but, if it’s one of the main classes then it is required to retake it. Most of the time retaking classes during the next school year can really affect you because you would be falling behind in one of the main courses for a whole year and that can really affect your GPA, your class rank and when you graduate.

“Summer school can be really tough, because you’re waking up early in the summer, but it helped me pass my English class because I failed it my freshman year and it was one of my main classes to graduate, so I had to retake it during the summer,” Senior Holly Fady said.