Constantly Caring

Taylor Gavelek, Marc Carrillo, Reporter

 Corey Constantine, is just like any student, he is a starting wide receiver and a runner on the track team all while going to school full time, what most don’t know is that Corey spends his off time caring for his brother, She’mar Burns. 

Burns is a freshman here at Langham and has a condition commonly known as Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy can affect movement of muscle tone and posture caused by damage to the fetal brain. 

   “I take care of him..feed him, give him a bath,” Constantine said. “He can’t walk that well, has seizures, and is partially blind in his right eye.”  

Between helping his brother and going to school, Constantine finds time to excel in high school athletics playing both varsity football and running varsity track. 

  “He’s a great athlete, works hard everyday, comes to practice ready to work and always has a good attitude,” Track Coach Hannan said. “He’s definitely a hard worker, he’s definitely empathetic, he cares about his teammates, and he cares about doing a good job.” 

Constantine is not only known for his athletic skills but his calm, cool and collected personality compared to his friends. 

“He is pretty stoic as well, and he has a good head on his shoulders, and that’s something you can tell about him without actually hearing him speak,” Athletic Trainer Ms. Neeley said. “He’s passionate about the game and you can tell that, and he cares, but as far as his off the field personality he’s very calm, cool and quiet.”

Constantine has a burning passion for the game and a plan for the future. Wanting to pursue a career in the medical field he understands some of the responsibilities for the career. 

“When I’m older I can go to old folks home and help them and everything” Constantine said. 

Constantine is a strong student and a skilled athlete, his motivation to take care of the ones he loves is mighty and he seems to have gained an understanding of the life and responsibilities around him. 

“That’s just like something that happened, I’m supposed to take care of  him, that’s my little brother. I will always be there for him.”