Track Managers

Sarah Pinkerton, Editorial Editor

When we attend track meets and events we often only see the runners, pole vaulters, or high jumpers, but who handles the details such as water, equipment and assistance? We never stop to think about the behind the scenes preparation and work that goes on to truly make these meets a success. Sophomores Julianna Vecchio and Rachel Horne are proud to aid in these small but crucial components.

“I wanted to become a part of a new activity and become more involved at school while meeting new people,” Rachel Horne said.

Julianna and Rachel are just a small part of the huge team of students and coaches in charge of making sure these events run smoothly. From fetching water for the athletes, filming and timing the running events and even holding the athlete’s items, each and every part of their job contributes to the flow of the track team.

“[a typical day at a meet consists of] waking up around 6 am, loading the equipment on the bus, driving to the meet, filming and timing the running events and then loading stuff back on the bus to go home,” Julianna Vecchio said.

From early mornings to late nights, their contribution to the track team is fully needed as they are able to assist with anything the coaches or athletes need. They attend the majority, if not all the track meets, go to practice every day after school and sometimes even supply a ride home to students who may need one after practice.

“When the 2:30 bell rings, I go out to the sunny track and firstly, I visit the shed and get the ‘hydration station’ and wheel it to the ice bucket and begin putting the ice in, then wheel it over to the hose and pour water in, then wheel it over to the athletes and wait for any assistance needed and fill in,” Horne said.

Even though conflicting schedules including volleyball and typical student life can get in the way or prevent them from attending an event, they still make sure another trustworthy manager can fill their position and get the job done.

“I am supposed to go to every meet, but sometimes I have clashing schedules. The coaches are very lenient and the other managers are fabulous and can take over,” Horne said.

“Volleyball and school [conflict with track] but it’s not a struggle if you plan in advance,” Vecchio said.

You can make sure to catch these managers in action on the sides of Saturday track meets and daily practices working hard to ensure the safety of all those around.