TSA Club

Fiorella Tozcano., Reporter

An association where you have creative freedom, where you can open your mind to a whole bunch of possibilities; a place where you can be tested. Where you can create whatever you are able to imagine (having safety in mind), giving you the chance to attract the eyes of generous people who can appreciate your work and who are willing to invest in your future. That is TSA.

“My experience was amazing”  junior TSA club member Moises Castillo said.  Castillo took 2nd place in State, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Regionals. The club was one big community and everyone was so open,” Castillo said. “The second you joined it was as if you made a whole lot of new best friends. The competitions were fun and State was a once in a lifetime experience.” 

In TSA the competitions go to the National level if you’re up for the challenge. Projects pass through Regionals where they go up against everyone in district that is also in the same field of study. Winning a ribbon for Regionals, it then goes to State for a possible medal and a trophy for those making Nationals.

On past occasions, those who made it to the State level on their TSA journey stayed at a hotel in Fort Worth, Texas for 3 days. During these 3 days projects from all around Texas were judged. Schools also acquired points depending on the placement of each project.

“This club isn’t just a big competition, It’s also a community,” Castillo Said. “One where you will be able to meet people just like you. TSA really is an amazing place full of possibilities.”  

The sky’s the limit in TSA. You can create something as small and simple as a business card or something as big and complicated as a utility trailer.