FFA’s Upcoming Meeting


Adriana Oberto

FFA Sponsors Carolina Garcia and Taylor Baron

Adriana Oberto, Reporter

FFA will be holding their first meeting on September 14 and all students are invited to attend.

“We expect the meetings to go back to how they were before covid. Full of students bonding and making memories,” FFA sponsor Taylor Baron said. “Students should join FFA because we are a family-like organization that promotes leadership, responsibility, and character.”

Because the meetings are student led, the sponsors don’t have much information on how they will run.

“Officers control the meetings since they are the leaders of the organization,” FFA sponsor Carolina Garcia said.

FFA typically deals with raising and showing animals in addition to public speaking and leadership skills

“This is an organization that promotes leadership,” Garcia said. “We allow and help our   

students to grow in other areas as well, not just academically.”