Special in Red


Caroline Adami, Reporter

“We’re special,” senior Bailadora Social Officer Melanie Sturm said.

Since the school was established, the dance team has worn a different colored letterman jacket than the rest of the school. Instead of the typical black jacket with red accents, Bailadoras receive cherry red jackets with black accents.

No one knows exactly why, it just seems to be an unspoken rule and understanding.

“I believe it is possible for any student to order a red jacket, they just choose not to,” Assistant Principal Gregory Lozano said.

All except for the dance team.

“It’s a big deal for the Bailadoras,” Head Director Barbie Parker said. “When I first took the job, the administrators made sure to mention it.”

Such a big deal that girls that letter in other activities/organizations wait until they qualify in dance so they can order the red.

Some question why the Bailadoras claim the red rather than other popular school organizations, such as football or basketball.

“I think the red jackets are more feminine,” Sturm said. “And they look really good with our field uniforms at football games.”

It is a tradition that is unique to Langham Creek only. All other schools in the district wear one color, but some like the idea.

“We don’t do it here, but I think it’s a really cute idea,” Cy-Springs Head Director Kelli Curran said.

The last sizing days of the year are May 11th and 12th, and while the rest of school gets fitted for their black jacket, the Bailadoras will be sporting the red.