Student Council Toy Drive

Noah Conley, Reporter

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It’s the holiday season, which means that the Student Council is doing its annual Toy Drive. Our school is partnered with Texas Children’s Hospital, where they will give the toys donated to the drive to the children staying there over the holidays.

“Students can donate things like toys, books, necessities, and so on,” President of the Student Council, senior Crystal Kurain said. “Clothes are also accepted, and those can be from newborn to adult, because these donations will go out to kids of all ages.”

The Toy Drive is an annual event where the Student Council collects toys, books, and clothes, for the sick children at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“If students want to donate, there are posters all over the school with rule sheets about what they can and can’t donate,” Kurain said.

Donations will be accepted and dropped off at Ms.Weaver’s room, Rm# 2608.

“I’ve been the sponsor for Student Council for about two years now, so that’s why my room is sort of the gathering place for Student Council, and why people drop off their toys here,” Weaver said.

Ms. Weaver also said to make sure that there are some gifts for the teenagers at the hospital.

“Everyone hears Toy Drive and goes out and buys toys for little kids, like Barbies. So sometimes it’s hard to give gifts to all the teenagers at the hospital,” Weaver said. “I really want people to donate more teenager-y gifts this year.”

“Another thing about the toy drive is that we need everything to be new,” Kurain said. “Because this is a hospital we are partnered with, we don’t want used donations that could get the children there sick. We also don’t want any gift wrapped donations, because then we have to open it to make sure it’s safe, and it’s a mess.”

Students have from November 27 to December 15 to make donations to the drive.

“That means the deadline is the end of the week before finals,” Kurain said.

After the deadline, Kurain and several other people from the student council will take all of the donations to Texas Children’s Hospital, where they will be distributed to all of the sick children there.