Broadcasting Change

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Broadcasting Change

Noah Conley, Reporter

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  Ms. Milson, the former teacher of the Digital Media and A/V classes left to take a new role at Jersey Village High School and a new teacher, Mr. Flores is taking the reigns of the Digital Audio, Media, A/V Production 1 and 2, and A/V Practicum classes. That may seem like a lot, but Mr. Flores isn’t worried about it.

  “I’ve had, like, 5 different kinds of prep, of 30 people each, but here I have A/V Production 2 and A/V Practicum in the same class, and that class is like 7 people, so I’m not real worried about that,” Mr. Flores said.

  Ms. Milson was also well known for her friendliness and for being the ‘in person’, as Mr. Flores puts it. He hopes that students get a chance to grow on to him like they did to her.

  “She [Ms. Milson] was definitely well liked among students, and so I have some big shoes to fill when it comes to that,” Mr. Flores said. “But give me time, and I think that you guys will really get to like me too.”

  Mr. Flores also seems to have a clear philosophy when it comes to teaching, which he talked about extensively.

  “I’m not a method teacher. I don’t do things by the book, per se,” Mr. Flores said. “What you have to do is, you have to get to know your students, their names and faces. You should be friends with your students, to a certain point. But you still gotta remind them I’m the teacher, I’m the boss.”

  This philosophy seems to be paying off for Mr. Flores. As of the writing of this article, school has only been in session for about 2 weeks, but the students in his classes are already loving him.

  “Mr. Flores is pretty laid back and fun to talk to,” sophomore in the Digital Audio Tech class Bryson Speer said. 

  The people who used to have Ms. Milson also seem to think that Mr. Flores is a pretty worthy successor to her.

  “He [Mr.Flores] is so nice,” senior in the A/V Practicum class Blake Kuehnle said. “He is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met. In the two weeks I’ve known him, he has just been so helpful, and he is helping me become the best filmmaker, broadcast journalist, whatever I want to be. I think that Mr.Flores is an outstanding teacher.”