The Tik Tok Trio

The Tik Tok Trio

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

Tik Tok is a lip syncing app that spawned from another app known as It currently is the number one app in the app store and has over 500 million active users and counting. 

“It first started with my friends, they had it and I had it, but I never used it,” junior Ethan Hughes said. “But then we just started making videos for fun and they started blowing up.”

Students Caleb Crowder, Ethan Hughes and Tyler Reed started gaining attention on the app after posting their first video.

“We made a video and we called it ‘The Video,’ it’s just one of all three of us dancing and we woke up the next day and it had well over a million views. It just kinda shocked us and we kinda took off from there,” Reed said.

As of right now, their most viewed video has 7.2 million views and 1.3 million likes that spread onto different social media thorough fans and supporters. 

“The people that watch our videos and keep up with us are amazing and give us so much support,” Crowder said. 

Even though they haven’t reached the verification stage on Tik Tok, they still enjoy their presence on social media.

“My favorite part of it all is being able to have some kind of influence on social media by just being myself,” Reed said.