Key Club

One of the biggest clubs on campus is the Key Club and it is growing more popular by the day.

“Key Club is basically the opportunity to provide high schoolers the opportunity to volunteer and help their community,” Key Club officer Philip Nugyen said.

When it comes to Key Club, it is a very fun thing to do that will help you make friends and also it will look good on your resume for college. Joining Key Club does take some work.

“To join you need to sign up for the schoology that we have with the code, and then you need to email the officers and tell them that you want to join. After that they will give you an application for you to fill out so you can be part of the club,” club sponsor Mariana Hill said. 

When it comes to the club you will need to do work as you will be volunteering for many things and you’re going to be helping people. When it comes to Key Club, you’re going to need to try your best to go as they have meetings at all different times.

“Meetings are not always on Monday we just decided it to be on Monday, but it can really be any day of the week,” Key Club officer John Dong said.

Key club is definitely one of the best clubs that the school has to offer, not only can you make more friends, but it will help you for college.