Spring Break Destination

Spring break is approaching fast, and many students are only thinking about no school for a week. While no school is cool and relaxing, there are many things students can be doing instead of just sitting at home watching Netflix or playing on their phones.

While many people in general believe that there’s not many things to do in the Cypress/Houston area, they are wrong. The downtown Houston area has multiple attractions that are fun for everyone.

  1. The Houston Zoo: The Houston Zoo is a fun place to go with your friends or family, you can spend the day in the sun while looking at some cool animals.
  2. The Downtown Aquarium: The Downtown Aquarium is a fun place to also go with friends or family, there’s not only a bunch of sea creatures, but there’s fun rides.
  3. The Museum Districts: There’s many different museums in Houston’s Museum district that offer a variety of things to look at, also on Thursdays this is free for everyone.
  4. The Galleria: Even if shopping isn’t something you enjoy, you can still walk around the mall with your friends and look at all the different shops.

While these are fun attractions close to home, there’s also exciting things you can do a little farther away. Family and friends can head to Galveston Island and spend the day at the beach, or spend the day walking around the strand, or even head to Moody Gardens, which has a large variety of attractions for everyone.

So yes, Spring Break is your time off to do whatever you please, but spend this Spring Break doing something fun by yourself, with your friends, or with your family.