Let’s Get the Par-Tea Started!

Tea club’s first meeting of the year.

With school back this year many clubs have already had their first meeting. One club that has gained a lot of attention is the Tea Club. The first meeting had the most people the club has ever seen with over a hundred people. It was very shocking for the members of the club.

“I expected a lot of new faces and members from our previous year,” junior Vy Tran said. “One thing that I did not expect is over 120 people at our first tea meeting.” 

This year with more members means a different approach to running the club. They have one new officer to help them out. 

“I want to help make sure the club runs smoothly, help around with setting up, teas, snacks and anything else,” junior Dylan Logan said.

More people also means changes for the people in the club. One is how much bigger it is and how it’s not a close setting anymore.

“I think it will definitely be harder to control the people ‘cause it was already really hard last year,” junior Sarah Biak Len Thluai said. “I think it’s not gonna feel like a close-knit club anymore, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing.”

With so many people that means new chances to meet people.

“New friendships will begin within everyone that joins.” tea club president Brianna Montemayor said.

As the club expands, the control is starting to get harder to maintain for the officers.

“We just want to make sure everyone is having fun and not going off the rails.” tea club sponsor Ms. Sanchez said.

The club is open to anyone even if you don’t know a lot about tea.

“I get that it sounds like a club only tea enthusiasts will love,” Logan said. “But the socializing over tea part is really for anybody to come in and enjoy. “