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Libraries in HISD schools to be converted to detention centers

School libraries disappearing at an alarming rate, may spread throughout Texas

Banned books have been a topic of controversy for years. But who would guess that libraries in general would be shut down as well? Several school libraries in HISD (Houston Independent School District) have been in the process of converting to detention centers under the New Education System, and it’s expected to spread to other districts in Texas at a rapid pace.

HISD’s newly appointed superintendent is implementing new policies for the school district under the New Education System. One of these policies removed librarians from 28 campuses and turned the libraries into DMC centers, where disruptive students are sent to watch their lessons virtually. 

“That [not having a library in school] devastates me,” English Teacher Mr. Michael Troncale said. “The library when I was in high school was my home. I sought solace in the library being around so many books.”

Protests from people in and out of HISD have created pushback in the district.

 “Teachers unions in HISD are fighting,” Mr. Troncale said. “Community members are fighting back because their voices were taken away.”

With these changes, fear is expressed for future generations of students and their potential lack of access to educational resources like the library. Additionally, The New Education System has been described as an “existential threat to English class,” with books containing “sexually explicit content,” including themes of racism and LGBTQ, being targeted and prohibited from schools.

“They [Board of Education] keep telling us what books we can’t teach, but the response from us is what can we teach?” Mr. Troncale said. “Are we going to be teaching English in ten years?”

Texas schools are in a “very scary time” and subject to fall to the New Education System in a matter of time.

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    KelseyOct 6, 2023 at 1:38 pm

    Beautiful diction, Hailey! This article is spectacular! Keep up this brilliant work in the near future! You should get a 100 for every grade!