Orchestra plays in Florida


Several Orchestra students spent their spring break in Orlando, Florida, having fun at Disneyworld and Universal studios.

“Anyone could go,” Emily Berlin said. “All you had to do was make sure you were passing, you paid the fee, and attended the meeting.”

They left school Friday the 10th and made the 15 hour drive down to Florida. They rode together in a large tour bus and stopped at rest stops along the way to stretch and buy snacks.

“It was nice but it was a little tight,” Berlin said. “We had to drive overnight, and it was hard to sleep with someone sitting next to me.”

The group of 35-40 people spent one day at each park, riding rides and exploring what the parks had to offer. They split in smaller groups to enjoy the rides with each other.

“It was really fun traveling with all your closest friends,” Essence Knight said.

They went to Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, and Hollywood Studios for a total of 5 days of fun and lots of great memories.

“I really enjoyed going to the World Showcase in Epcot,” Berlin said. “But honestly my favorite part of the trip was experiencing everything with my friends.”

After a very successful spring trip, the Orchestra group got back on the bus ready to head home, feeling very tired and very happy .

“We had lots of fun,” Isha Vats said. “I was really tired but very glad I went.”