Winter Guard Season


Evony McCutchen

Color Guard Practicing for auditions for Winter Guard.

Scorching heat turns into a cool breeze. Leaves slowly shift from a vibrant green to a decaying brown. Your breath turns visible as you exhale, mother nature’s way of signaling the changing seasons. As the seasons change and move into the Winter season, so does Color Guard.

Color Guard is preparing for the new season to come as they finish auditioning to join the Varsity Winter Guard. Winter Guard acts as an opportunity for Color Guard to showcase their talents without the band.

“Color guard splits off from the band during the winter season and we just compete,”  junior varsity member Jaden Anderson said. “The coaches pick a certain song and the guard would learn the routine from there.”

Regardless of whether Guard performs on a football field or inside an arena, the team comes together and forms strong bonds keeping a sense of family through the competition

“They take a lot of pride in what they do,” sophomore Aaliyah Hamilton said. “And because of that pride winter guard appeals to me so much, they make it seem like a family.”

“When we are on the football field we are a lot more spread out,” sophomore Raquel Montemayor said. “But we always try to feel together regardless of how far away we are from each other. Though for winter season it’s easier for us to feel connected because we are physically closer since we aren’t on a huge football field, but on a mat inside.”

The new Varsity Color Guard team start practices this week, and returning members are excited to see what the team can do.

 “It’s exciting because most of the girls on the team have already been in color guard a year before,” varsity member Erica Uribe said. “We’ve worked together before and we know how to communicate with one another. I think we are just gonna work our hardest and strive to be great.”