Broken Three-Point Record: Atlantis White


White going in for a layup

Evony McCutchen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Throughout the district, Girls Varsity Basketball teams have held a record of 6 three-pointers made within one game. No one expected junior Atlantis White to be the girl to break the three-point record at a recent game against West Side, January 4th.

Chants and cheers echoed throughout the gym. The intensity of the game increasingly rose as the clock continued to run down. 

“We started off playing strong defense and then we had a couple of layups,” White said. “My teammates just started getting more into it throughout the game.”

The team had been playing with everything they had, but White had no idea just how much her efforts were rewarding.

“The hype of the crowd was just more intense than usual but it was good because it really motivated us to become more competitive”

With this motivation, White didn’t play the game with the mindset to beat the record, but just to win the game and play with her teammates.

“My coach had told me in the fourth quarter that I had made 6 three’s, but of course I didn’t know because I was too into the game,” White said. “I don’t really keep track of my points, but she told me that I had 6 and that I could break the record, so coach put me back out there and told me to shoot a three and I made the 7th and I was 7-for-7.”  

Through White’s determination and dedication, she was able to exceed expectations. In the beginning it wasn’t easy for her. White joined the varsity team as a sophomore and due to the age and skill difference between White and fellow teammates it was difficult to adjust to the team. 

“My sister coached me a lot, constantly hounding me about practicing,” White said. “And my coach was drilling me a lot too, mainly because I was younger, but I knew that I fit in, that I belonged in varsity.”

Though there were many adversities and obstacles, White never allowed them to deter her from what she knew she was capable of accomplishing. Through her hard work she was able to beat the three-point shot record.