The 2023 Yearbook is Almost Here

The yearbooks are back this year to sell. They will arrive in the middle of May; there is a limited supply available to order from SchoolCash until they sell out. As of Tuesday, April 18th, there were 72 left to sell.

“The creation process was student-driven, and guided by what happens on campus throughout the year,” journalism teacher Mr. Ricks said. “The yearbook kids really try to capture all the different moments across all the grade levels.”

Yearbook hopes for each and every book to sell out eventually, as in some of the most recent years it have been difficult to sell.

“We’ve got a lot of students in the yearbook, and those kids in the yearbook are buying it; we’re actually close to selling out of them,” Ricks said. “During the covid years, it was difficult to sell all of them, but a lot of people have come back asking if there’s some they can buy. We usually don’t have too many extras.”

The book will include many events that have happened over this school year with pictures and stories. Students will be able to see back on each thing and most things that have happened this year.

“I hope students find it covers many of the good moments of their year, and will let them look back on these times in fondness,” Ricks said.

If you’re interested in joining yearbook you should talk to Mr. Ricks and your counselors.