A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Senior Walk is making its return this week. Senior Walk is an opportunity for seniors to walk the halls of their old elementary schools in their caps and gowns and be celebrated by the elementary students currently attending. This parade will mark the end of our seniors’ time in CFISD.

“The way I see it [the senior walk] is a way to revisit my childhood,” senior Alejandro Mandujano Pina said. “I’m hoping to see my very first teacher, Ms. Navarro; she was my kindergarten teacher who helped me learn English.”

Returning to first campuses elicit reminiscences about experiences from elementary school. 

“My favorite memory would probably have to be the field days we would do,” senior Valeria Plazas Anez said. “The whole class would get together and just have fun, dump water on each other, and eat popsicles at the end.”

This event has the potential to bring students in the senior class closer and spend the short amount of time they have left together with one another. 

“I really hope that through the entire walk, a lot of people can go through their memories and bond with each other,” senior Johnny Le said. “I feel like we’ve lost connections from elementary and up; us going through this walk, we might be able to restore these relationships.”

The Senior Walk will give seniors a chance to wrap up this chapter of their lives.  

“[I’m most looking forward] just to walk through the place where everything started and end it off where it began,” senior Ian Flores said.