Cheer Social Officer

The game day lights, the roaring crowd, players in the field. There’s nothing like cheering on the sidelines for your school team and nothing like cheering for the Lobos.

The cheerleaders work on and off the field, tumbling, chanting, and stunting, but there’s more to cheer than just cheering athletes on and working up a crowd. There are certain positions you can have on the team.

One of these positions is the Social Officer, which is run by Adisyn Kaber. Adisyn is a junior and has been a part of the team all three years and has made varsity for the last two.

“As social officer for the Langham Creek Cheer team, I raise school spirit, so people want to be involved,” Kaber said. “So far it’s working.”

“What made me want to be a social officer is how in my first year on varsity there was such a lack of school spirit and a lot of complaining that we didn’t have spirit like other schools, so I wanted to make a difference for our last years,” Kaber said.

In order to do this Adisyn created and posted on popular social media platforms for the team on apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

“During football season I’d spend at least a day making hype videos for the Tik Tok I created for cheer,” Kaber said.

With 853 followers on Instagram and 1,582 followers on Tik Tok followed by 73,800 likes, I think we can all agree Adisyn has had a successful year as Social Officer and hope she’ll be up for the challenge next year!