CFISD Livestock Show


Niamh Clarke, Reporter

FFA students showed their projects at the annual CFISD Livestock Show.

The CFISD Livestock Show happened on February 2nd through the 4th. Animals from all the CFISD schools, including the newly opened Cypress Parks, participated in the event.

Students with specific species of animals gathered in the Telge Exhibiting Center, Wednesday February 1st during the afternoon and waited until long after dark before their projects were checked.

“Our trailer with the swine on it had to wait in the drop off line for almost 2 hours before we could unload and check-in,” Zachary Woerpel said. “Not as long as last year, but I was still ready to leave the place at around 7, didn’t want to be there longer than I had to.”

Students involved with animals like broilers (chickens), goats, lambs, and even steers were shown on Thursday the 2nd. Kids who had projects for the horticulture (plants) show and the agriculture mechanics show were also being judged that day.

“It was kinda chaotic,” Jessica Long said. “Everyone was running around getting their goats ready, and I was really stressed out.”

Friday was the check in for market and breeding rabbits, the rabbit show, and the swine (pig) show. Many showed up to watch the swine because of the interesting showing method used by students.

“For pigs it’s a bit different in the show ring, you don’t get a halter to walk them around, you use a whip,” Zachary Woerpel said. “It’s a bit more challenging, but when you work with your animal it’s not so hard.”

In the arena the judge decides which animals make Premium Auction and which make freezer sale. Only a select number of special animals make Premium sale, since only the best in show are chosen. Those that don’t make Premium get sent to Freezer sale, where each animal sells for a flat price.

“When it comes to pigs and steers you should go into that arena assuming you won’t make auction,” Joshua James said . “It’s really difficult and you shouldn’t get your hopes up, besides freezer sale isn’t as bad as everyone says.”

Freezer and Premium sale went through on Saturday the 4th, and FFA students that sold their projects said goodbye one last time.

“Because this was my first year I did cry a little,” Jessica Long said. “My goat came and lay on me while I was waiting to load him on the trailer, and that’s when I started to get emotional, it’s hard to let go after 4 months.”

Kids went home exhausted after their busy week, but many are already counting down the days till next years show.

“I’m going to miss my goat Marty,” Long said. “But I’m really excited for my next goat, can’t wait to show again.”