New Grade Check

This year there will be a new policy for eligibility and grades in the way of a grade check in the middle of the nine weeks that will have the same effect as report cards.

“I didn’t know about it,” sophomore Michael Hansen said.

Students may also regain eligibility with the grade check if they lost it on their report card. It was created by the University Interscholastic League last year but wasn’t implemented due to Harvey.

“My friends and I don’t really need to worry because we are already on top of our grades,” junior Stephen Strickland said.

The first grade check will take effect in the middle of the football season on October 5th. This will affect every sport and activity in the UIL.

The other grade checks will be scheduled around week five of the nine weeks or middle equivalent. Progress reports will still be issued at an earlier time in the grading period. For more information ask the counselors or your teachers.