Restaurant Recommendation: Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees located on 11510 Barker Cypress Rd

A good drink is always prone to put a smile on my face and every time I go to Zero Degrees, I’m always bound to walk out with the biggest smile plastered on my face. Their signature drinks are basically happiness in a cup.

Launched in 2013, Zero Degrees is an Asian-Hispanic fusion drink and snack chain that began in California but now has locations nationwide, including one that just so happens to be in Cypress.

When you step foot inside the restaurant, you are welcomed by the chill atmosphere that includes a wall light in the shape of angel wings, which is perfect for photos of your visit, and large lettering on the wall claiming their title of “Home of the Mangonadas.” Also, if you’re more of an outside person, outside seating is available that still maintains the same ambience from the inside.   

Looking at their menu, there are so many options to choose from. The drink menu has a variety of teas, coffees, milkshakes, and slushes. It’s so hard just to choose one thing, but luckily, they have a split cup option where you can pick any two coffees or teas off the menu in one cup. You can also upgrade your drink by adding boba, a tamarind straw, coconut lychee, or even sea salt cream. Along with the various drink options, there’s several chicken, elote(a type of street corn), and fry options. I recommend going Monday-through-Friday for their lunch special that comes with a meal and drink of your choice for only $10. 

My personal favorite drink is the cucumber limeade, which is not bitter like most limeades, but refreshing and sweet with the use of fresh products. This time I decided to switch it up and try the camo Thai from the new line of camo drinks that features a creamy camo brulee swirled around the cup of your choice of blended matcha, ube, Cookie Monster, and strawberry cheesecake, then topped with crushed oreos to give it the camouflage effect. I thoroughly enjoyed it, the creaminess of camo brulee mixed very nicely to the classic taste of Thai tea.

To go along with my drink, I got the elote and fry combo in the flavor XXtra Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I’ve been eating elotes all my life and they are definitely the best way to eat corn. With the perfect blend of mayo, lime cilantro, and buttery corn. Just when I thought elotes couldn’t get any better, the Hot Cheetos really enhanced the flavor and that’s coming from someone who’s not really a fan of hot chips. The fries with the same mouth-watering flavor were just as great. Usually, loaded fries can be super soggy from everything on top or either really brittle and crunchy, but these fries were neither of those things, they were made to perfection. Overall, Zero Degrees is the best go-to place to satisfy your all your snack and drink cravings.