The Show Must Go On

The Lobo Theatre Arts Program Proves that the show must go on as they actively prepare to put on a  live-streamed performance of the historical comedy, Western Civilization: The Complete Musical (abridged) to a selective audience. 

“It’s hard to sing and dance with a mask on, but overall it’s been going smoothly,”  junior, vice president of the T.R.O.P.E,  Kendall Bowen said. “We’ve incorporated social distancing as a joke in the musical, so we can stay safe while still being funny.”

The intimate cast works together to keep people safe and the morale high even with all of the obstacles that they’ve had to face. 

“So far, the best thing about theatre this year is the smaller productions,” Bowen said.  “I’ve made new friends with the cast because it’s easier to get close to them if you’re only interacting with three people.”

 Senior president Xavier Price believes that even with all the hardships that this show is truly something and would be worth it all in the endgame. 

 “This isn’t how I expected the year to go, but all we can do right now is to see the positives!” Price said. “Treat this show like it is the last show you’ll ever perform!”