Choir Pop Show

Choir hosted its annual Pop Show on January 27th. 

“It was a lot of hard work but the effort is really worth it getting on stage and putting on a show for everyone and knowing they liked it,” senior Rebecca Noelle said. 

Students involved were new to staying after school for long practices. 

“The after-school rehearsals were the hardest because I’m not used to staying after school, so it was all new to me and I definitely had to adjust,” senior Vivian Pham said. 

The lead-up also held stress and worries for the students. 

“We had been practicing for a really long time and we were stressed because we had 6 songs where we had to learn like choreography, outfits, and the timing,” Pham said.

This was a chance for students to show their talents that haven’t been shown before.

“I was shocked by how many people liked my performance,” junior Isai Artega said. “It made me realize not a lot of people know I sing.”  

Many have never performed by themselves in front of an audience. 

“It was a new experience doing a solo act, but it was really cool and it felt rewarding and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested,” Noelle said.