Rockin’ with the Elementary Kids

Hailey Vo, Copy Editor

What better way to relive your childhood than come watch a musical performance of a nostalgic show? The theatre ensemble performed Schoolhouse Rock shows on Thursday, January 11th for Elementary and Middle School students during the day and general admission after school.

“It’s the Schoolhouse Rock songs that you listened to when you were in elementary school, but they put them all together into a musical,” freshman Kallie Vinh said. 

The show was a change from previous productions Langham has put on this year.

“Our last one was not a musical, so this one has dancing and singing; I hope that we can put it all together and make it really enjoyable,” Vinh said. 

With a change in show type comes changes in acting.

“I think you just have to be more bold and out there with your expressions, faces, and voice inflection so that the children stay entertained,” freshman Sam Johnson said. 

The actors and crew looked forward to putting on a good show for children in the district.

“I’m excited to perform ‘cause we’re performing for kids who are no older than 11, so that’s a different audience than we’re used to,” Johnson said. 

Schoolhouse Rock impacted both the audience and everyone working in the show.

“I think it was a really fun experience with all our classmates,” Vinh said.