One ‘Soul’ Filling Movie

One Soul Filling Movie

Pixar’s ‘Soul’ presented a beautiful take on life and life after and before death. This story shares an experience between an unborn soul named 22,  and a middle-aged black man, Joe Gardener, in the heaps of New York City. This odd duo goes on an interdimensional journey that changes the life of one and creates the life of another.

This movie comes with so many twists and turns, you can feel the emotional roller coaster in your seat as your watching. The journey is complemented with beautiful metaphors of life, Wacky side characters, and a heaping handful of colorful and unique animations that make it eye-catching for both the kids and adults watching. 

The creators took on such hard feelings of life and were able to make it into a funny, inspiring, and culturally challenged movie. Helping the audience finally find a way to communicate how complex life’s purposes and passions are, and creating a hopeful narrative for those who share the feeling of joe and 22 throughout the film. Something that is genuinely hit in this movie is perspective, and how changing the way that you think can open up so many more paths in life.

If you are planning on streaming this movie on Disney plus or watching it in a socially distanced movie theatre, I would make sure you get enough Popcorn and candy to last you the whole movie because, I promise, you will not want to leave your seat.