Debate Students Win National Award

Two seniors, Kelsey Do and Justin Schnitzer, from the Speech & Debate Team were honored by the National Speech and Debate Association. They were recognized for their outstanding dedication to service with the Speaking and Service Award. 

 “When my coach told me I had won the award I was really excited,” Schnitzer said. “I had only joined debate last year, so having my efforts recognized with such a prestigious award felt really rewarding.”

The feeling of being recognized for a passion is more satisfying than any other. 

“I felt proud of myself because I was awarded for things I love to do,” Do said.

Although the award did not come from one big act, it came from an accumulation of tasks they did to help the team.

“Anytime the team needed something, I was there helping new debaters, promoting Debate around Langham, and even helping during our annual tournament we run here at Langham,” Schnitzer said. 

To these students, Debate was very important and played a big role in their lives.

“I feel like this award explains all the hard work I put into debate in my high school years,” Do said. 

This award wasn’t the end goal for these debaters but motivation to keep getting better.

“So I think I’m just happy my work paid off, I made it to where I want to be and am eager to keep improving,” Schnitzer said.