Penny Wars

The Outreach Vietnam Club has started their annual Penny Wars fundraiser. Each 2nd period class has a donation bottle, and the class who raises the most money by March 31 will win a donut party. 

“Penny Wars is to raise money for a school in Vietnam for orphans and the underprivileged kids there, and so we’re helping them raise money,” junior Eileen Nguyen said.

Funds from the Penny Wars will be dedicated to the Anh Linh School, which provides free education and housing to underprivileged children in Vietnam.

“We’ve been putting it [Penny Wars] on the announcements and stuff like that to promote the fundraiser,” Nguyen said. 

Because of the good cause Penny Wars is supporting, members are hopeful that they will raise as much, if not more, money than last year.  

“I think the reason behind why we’re holding this fundraiser will encourage students to donate more,” junior Sofia Almaguer said. 

Outreach Vietnam is asking for small donations, which they believe will contribute to the effort to support underprivileged children at Anh Linh

“Every penny counts, so any spare change that people give will make a difference,” Almaguer said.