Where Did The School Spirit Go?

When I initially started this story, I was planning to cover the last dress-up week for the school year. What I didn’t expect to see was the lack of participation from the class of 23. 

“Identity and community shared by members of an educational institution,” is the official definition of school spirit. Dress-up days were presented as a way for the seniors to connect in a light-hearted manner that leads up to prom. When I was walking around this entire week I only saw a select few who fully committed.

This begs the question, is it the students, or is it the school’s main spirit groups/people who invent the dress-up days?

Spirit groups at Langham Creek include Cheer, Wolfpack, and the Bailadoras. The individuals who create and approve the day’s themes are the student council. Are students not participating in the dress-up days because no individual is in any of the spirit groups in the council?

The community of Langham Creek and the culture we aspire to cultivate depends on the students. High school is meant for making memories and having fun. The power of the pack can be strong. I have hope for next year’s senior class. The school spirit at Langham Creek High will grow!