Starting S.T.P.

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

Most people think of summer as beaches and parties but for athletes the summer is a time for improvement of agility, speed and strength.

“It’s an opportunity to get all of our athletes ready for the upcoming seasons… getting bigger, faster and stronger,” Coach Robbins said.

The Stummer Training Program itself isn’t restricted to just athletes; middle school students planning to attend Langham Creek can attend as well as others already at Langham.

“We’ve had Balidora’s attend, anyone can come as long as you have a physical and you are in the Langham attendance zone,” Robbins said.

S.T.P. has three sessions throughout the day.

“We have three sections; the 7:30, 9:30, and 4:00 afternoon session for kids who are going to summer school or are busy in the morning,” Robbins said.

For athletes; S.T.P. also provides the ability to work alongside your new teammates.

“The best part of S.T.P. is the opportunity to work out with your teammates during the summer,” Athletic Director Todd Thompson said.

Beyond working out, S.T.P. can also be a time for students, and coaches to interact with each other.

“In 2012 we had a flash flood, and we still had S.T.P. and the coaches played against the athletes, and kicked their butts in a game of army football,” Robbins said.

Overall S.T.P. is a six-week work period that goes beyond just football, or basketball, but a training for the overall athlete.

“It’s hard work that pays off… just do it,” Robbins said.