Up and Coming Artist: Layton Greene


It’s not everyday that a Youtuber goes from producing remixes of popular songs to being signed to a top record label and putting out the #1 song on YouTubes’ R&B charts. Though this may seem like a miracle to most, 21 year old Layton Green knew this was her destiny from a very young age.

After auditioning and being rejected by both X-Factor and America’s Got Talent Layton knew it was time to take things into her own hands. If she wanted to achieve her dream of becoming a professional singer, she would have to do it in her own unique way. Since 2016, videos of Greene remixing popular songs have been circling across multiple social media sites and luckily enough, they ended up in the hands of the right people.

In 2017 after a video of her singing a short remix to Kodak Black’s “Roll in Peace” went viral, Greene jumped in a recording booth with G-Styles, a successful producer, to produce an authentic extended version of the song. The song took off on the music platform SoundCloud, racking up a total of 16 million streams, and gave Greene the spotlight she was seeking. After showing the world what she could do, multiple signing deals from record labels began to fall in her lap. She eventually found her place signing with Quality Control/Capitol Records in February of 2019 as their first R&B artist.

In August 2019, the record label produced an album made collectively by all the artists signed to their label. Layton Greene starred in the song “Leave ‘Em Alone” along side with Lil Baby, PnB Rock, and City Girls. The song sampled Ciara’s 2007 song “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” and in both songs the singers speak on not being able to leave their ex’s in the past (lol me too). The songs landed Layton Greene her very first Billboard Hot 100 entry and helped her gain attention as she geared up to release her first EP, Tell Ya Story.

Layton told Apple Music that she had been working on the EP since she went viral in 2017. The EP features songs about growing up with various struggles and all the while falling in and out of love. There’s a total of 7 tracks on the EP, all telling a story from Layton’s past. The genuine emotion put into her music can oftentimes be felt rather than heard and evokes true feeling when listening.

The hard work and dedication that Greene put in to be where she’s at today can be considered an inspiration to many. She didn’t let rejection knock her down, but instead, let it fuel her to achieve amazing things that she always knew she could.