All-American Cheerleaders


-From left to right -Second to first is Kingsley Vincik, Kailei Tucker, Cary Groover, Gabby Bergeron.

Langham Creek’s cheerleading squad has had the honor of having 6 cheerleaders earn the title of All- American Cheerleader. Carly Groover, Lauren Janda, Emma Turquette, Kailei Tucker, Kingsley Vincik, and Gabrielle Bergeron. In a general sense, to be an All-American Cheerleader one must exemplify showmanship, poise, technique and or crowd leading skills.

The purpose of naming cheerleaders as All-Americans is to acknowledge cheerleaders ‘who display superior technical skills, leadership, and strong personal values,’” Cheerleading coach Tiffany Bowles said.

Due to the change in the health of our society, the girls could not attend training camp as they typically would. Though, some took this as an opportunity to show that they are more than driven to earn this title.

“This year was really weird because there was no camp like how there usually is,” varsity cheerleader Gabrielle Bergeron said. “We had to learn the cheer off of a video and do everything at home and record it ourselves. So it really showed a person’s dedication and their willingness to put in the work and try and obtain that honor on their own.” 

Through their countless hours of training and hard work, these young women have excelled and were able to gain the title of All- American cheerleaders. 

“Every week we have practice, every day for about two hours after school,” Bergeron said. “And then games are close to once or twice a week, because we have a volleyball game and a football game. So in total we spend about 20 something hours a week; but some practice on their own too.”

These cheerleaders have constantly displayed their sense of spirit since day one, and have been honing that skill and gaining more and more as time goes on.

“I did cheer in elementary and then picked it back up in high school because I just loved the thought of being a leader for this school, and to boost our students’ school spirit,” varsity cheerleader Emma Turquette said.

“I have been in cheerleading since the fifth grade, I did competitive cheer and started school cheer my sophomore year,” varsity cheerleader Carly Groover said. “I love having that hyped up energy and being on a team where we shared the same passion to boost everyone’s spirits as well as our own.” 

“I started competitive cheer when I was about six or seven, and then when I got to high school I tried out and I’ve been on the team ever since,” Bergeron said. “I saw the potential I could achieve to be a role model to someone else from what I saw when I was younger and saw the people I looked up to on a cheer team. It really helps boost my spirits and I hope to do the same for someone else.”

Although these girls may be titled as All-American cheerleaders, many of them do not plan on pursuing a career in cheerleading, their spirit to help others is shown through with other passions in their lives.

“When I go to college I would like to study to be a nurse practitioner, so I can still play a part in my community.” Bergeron said,

“If I do decide to be involved with cheer as a career, I’d much rather be a coach so I can help out the younger girls coming into cheer,” Groover said.

Next time you see these girls in the halls congratulate them on this honor of being titled an All-American cheerleader, and for the things they do for the school.