Orchestra Clinic


Hallie Thomson

Tony Lu plays the cello in the clinic.

Niamh Clarke, Reporter

The orchestra clinic was a huge success and helped many incoming 9th graders thanks in-part to participation from the Chamber Orchestra students.

Chamber Orchestra hosted their annual Clinic to help incoming freshman understand how high school works.

“We wanted to show them that high school is not scary,” senior Dominique Boggs said. “It’s not hard to do orchestra in high school and that’s why we wanted to work with them.”

Chamber students set up in different sections of the school to create stations for the middle schoolers to travel to, and after the music tutoring they performed for the kids.

“Basically what we did was have 8th graders come in and we taught them basic music,” senior Tony Lu said “We wanted them to feel comfortable and help them meet friends who would also be in orchestra.”

Officers were required to show up early to help set up the violin, viola, cello, and bass instruments for each station. After the sectionals there was a full rehearsal, question and answer about high school, and lunch provided by orchestra’s booster club.

“Because I’m an officer waking up early to set up wasn’t very fun,” Boggs said “But the pizza we got was definitely worth it.”

Orchestra worked side-by-side with the kids and worked to improve their skills.
“We were happy we got to meet them and learn what they can do,” sophomore Grace Sted said. “We had a great time making friends and reassuring them about high school.”