A Deeper look into Culinary Arts

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

The smell of chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven, or a kitchen full of exotic foods and spices; this is what tends to come to mind when someone brings up Culinary Arts class; but this is just one ingredient to the recipe that makes Culinary Arts what it truly is.

“We are an actual culinary class…where you can really enjoy your future in the culinary world, and not just a glorified Home Ec. Class,” Chef Muhammed Kebe said.

The common misconception is that the class is just a place where you learn how to cook, but that’s not all.

“Life experiences… I like to be able to share them to inspire them,” Muhammed Kebe said.

The class itself is a stepping stone to a career in health, nutrition, and many other fields.

“You are here to learn experiences that will take you into the industry where you can get an entry level job,” Muhammed Kebe said.

Many students are taking the class for their careers.

“I want to be a chef when I’m older,” junior Jordan La Cour said.

While some students are taking the class for their careers, others are taking it for their lives down the road.

“I’m trying to learn how to cook,” senior Jasmine Early said.

The course has grown in size to about 75 students in 3 block classes throughout the day.

Overall the class is starting to gain headway among students, but the class is still difficult, and is so much more than just cooking.

“Come Prepared…come ready to learn, not just about cooking, but other things too,” junior De ’Avaya Battely said.