Boys Soccer Wins District Title

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

This past Friday the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team secured a district title against Cy Creek winning 2-0.  The title is the Lobo’s 5th in 12 years.  As for the game itself; it started off as a defensive struggle, with a strong defense in addition to intense winds holding both teams scoreless in the 1st half.

“It was extremely windy,” Coach Lane said.  “That turns the game into 2 games: a game with the wind and into the wind.  Those are very different games.”

In the 2nd half the wind couldn’t hold the Lobos back, as they blew the game open with goals by Ryan Nelson and Dylan Heath in the 51st minute and 67th minute respectively.  After that the defense held strong as they had all game allowing only 2 shots on goal the whole game.

“I thought that we did a very good job in the first half filling up the space that Cypress Creek was trying to get into,” Lane said.  “In the second half we changed it up, put 2 in the front and 3 in the back and those 2 forwards scored the 2 goals.  I’m very proud of how the team played.”

Once the game was over it was time for celebration as the Lobos were awarded the District Championship, the first for a senior class that has been working towards it for 4 years.

“We’ve worked 4 years really hard for this,” senior Trent Connor said.  “It feels great to finally achieve it.”

For underclassmen on the team, it acted as motivation for the future.

“It inspires us, and it inspires the future teams to work hard, and it shows that [a district championship] is possible,” sophomore Jose Uriostegui said.

Now as the Lobos look ahead to play-offs, they look to carry their momentum with them.

“We just need to take it one game at a time,” senior Ryan Nelson said.  “We just have to keep at it and keep that killer instinct that we’ve had all season.”

The District Championship went beyond a team win.

“When we win championships like this, it’s not just the kids on the team, it’s all the kids that came before and helped make the program to where it became an attractive program to be a part of,” Lane said.

The Lobos open up play-offs on Thursday with their first home play-off game in more than 20 years against Westside at 8:00.