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Teacher Tech Addiction

Connor Duskie, Head Editor

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Technology is an everyday part of our lives from using our phones for texting, calling, searching on the internet, reading, and more. Our education is also being influenced by this for better or for worse. In my opinion it has been for the worse.

While technology can be used for good in the classroom in a way that helps students, like Kahoot reviews, some teachers fall into the habit of relying too much on technology. For example, putting notes for students online instead of actually lecturing. This leads to a lack of communication between the teacher and student which could lead to more complications.

Another problem with increased reliance on technology is it excludes students from a lower socio-economic background or those whose parents won’t allow them to have phones. This policy would be negated if all teachers had enough laptops to give those students the ability, but they don’t. By requiring students to use Google Classroom or Pearson’s Math Lab and other online outlets for assignments, teachers exclude students and handicap them from academic success.

This over reliance on technology doesn’t fully prepare students for the real world. By minimizing interactions between people, it makes students unprepared for business meetings, lectures in college and any human interaction needed for work.

Some might say that technology is good for teachers and students, and there are obvious positive elements, but the negatives outweigh the positives. A teacher may find it easier to rely on technology but school should focus on student education. Besides, there are many other ways such as hiring more staff or having teacher involvement in curriculum.

Technology itself in classrooms isn’t the problem, it is the over reliance on it by teachers. It can be used with great success in classrooms for reviews, notes from the lecture and other class related documents. Teachers should use technology for these, not to replace their duties to lecture and teach.


3 Responses to “Teacher Tech Addiction”

  1. Dylan T. Nguyen on October 10th, 2018 10:32 pm

    Technology is supposed to help us do our work. Right now, I think we are using it as a crutch to substitute for traditional teaching methods. Teachers would sometimes rather run through a visual presentation rather than a lecture. (12th Grade)

  2. Crystal Le on October 13th, 2018 9:38 pm

    I think it should be used as an aid to learning but never a replacement, which I notice a lot of teachers whether they realize it or not. Maybe we just need to have better teacher evaluations so we could avoid lazy teachers who rely on technology. (12th grade)

  3. Michael Hanson on October 24th, 2018 6:59 pm

    Great article, well put together and I have to agree with your opinion.

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Teacher Tech Addiction